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    Posted Jun 7, 2017

    Welcome to Portsmouth Youth Flag Football!!! 

    Seacoast Youth Flag Football runs a recreational league in the Spring & Fall Seasons.  We do not hold evaluations, Coaches and Assistant Coaches children are the only players allowed to be together (except 5 & 6 Division).  Players choose their school district and parents give us players playing skills at registration, we then try to evenly place players by their registered skill level.   This is recreational flag football and all players should get as close to equal play time as possible.  Top 6 teams make the playoffs and the final week we hold championship games per division.  This is our most popular league.

    We will be playing in the Seacoast Youth Flag Football League as part of the inter town league.  Seacoast Youth Flag Football has over 1300 players from the Seacoast area and we are a member of NFL Flag Football.

    All players from the Portsmouth district will have the option to play in the same city/town/district.  Teams will then compete against other city/districts.  Practices will be held within each districts home area


    Registration for the Spring Season will open January 1st 2019.  For more information about our spring season go to Spring Flag Football

    Registration for our Fall Season will open May 1st, 2019.  For more information about our fall season go to Fall Flag Football