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2018 Fall Registration Opens May 1st
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Posted Mar 26, 2018


  • Start of Season

    Posted April 19, 2018

    Our 2018 Spring Season Starts This Saturday!!

    Let's make this a fun season for everyone involved.  Please remember when coaches, parents and players registered, they agreed to the Seacoast Youth Flag Football Code of Conduct, you can find a copy on our website at under handouts and documents.  

    We have a NO CONTACT (no talking to the referee) rule with the referees.  Coaches are allowed to use a time out (1 per half) if they want to question a ruling.  If they are correct they keep their time out.  You can not question a judgement call.  Parents, please do not call out penalties or infractions.  If Coaches, fans, players continue to call out penalties, a unsportmanslike penalty will be assesed to their team 


    • Visiting Team is responsible for the down marker.  Please volunteer before the game to your coach, only adults are allowed to hold the down marker.
    • Home Team wears Dark side of jersey
    • Visiting team wears Light side.
    • Teams set up opposite sides of the fields
    • All players must play a minimum 6 plays on defense and 6 plays on offense.


    Playoffs -  The top 6 teams make the playoffs, we use team record and strength of schedule to determine rankings.  

    WE DO NOT USE POINTS FOR OR POINTS AGAINST.  This is to keep teams from running up the scores.


    Mouthguards are required, if you forget your mouthguard, we will be selling them at the concession stand for $2.00.

    Good luck to your team Saturday and enjoy the season.

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